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A story written by you part 3

Below is story written by some of you who participated in the story-out-of-proverb thing I talked about. (Uggh I still haven’t found a name for it yet ) If you haven’t seen that post, check it out Here!

The proverb was:

Anger can be an expensive luxury. 

Italian Proverb

Without further ado.. Let’s begin:

“Anger can be an expensive luxury,” Rocko said to his younger brother, Ricky. “You need to keep it in check before you have to pay a price you can’t afford.”

Sometimes bro you need to tell it how it is! Ricky who still was angry exploded with emotions.

“Yeah,” said Rocko, “but if you keep telling Mom and Dad how it is, you’re gonna get grounded. Then where will you be when everybody else goes to the dance this weekend?”

Ricky snorted, opening his mouth to retort. And then, he paused.
“There,” Rocko grinned, “not very hard, is it?”
“Actually, I was debating on whether or not to hit your head with that vase right there.”
Rocko rolled his eyes, “Sure. But remember what I said. No one will pay the price but you.”
“Yeah, yeah,” Ricky replied and shrugged, as though his brother’s words didn’t affect him. But they did.

He snatched the vase and thumped Rocko on the head. “Ricky!”
“Shh, careful,” Ricky said innocently. “Anger is expensive. How can you be mad at your little brother?”

Conflicting emotions swept across Rocko’s face like clouds on a breezy day. Ricky could see anger competing with astonishment before both emotions were finally swept away by a gale of unstoppable laughter. As Ricky watched, astonishment on his own face, his older brother bent forward at the waist and began pounding his fist again his knee in time to the laughter pouring from his mouth. Rocko’s laughter continued for several long seconds before his knees gave way and he fell to the carpet, still sobbing with laughter, tears streaming across his screwed up face.
“Bro! You alright? Are you concussed. I’m sorry I hit you so hard!” Ricky knelt down by his brother’s shaking form and placed a concerned hand on his shoulder.
Rocko just continued to laugh and shake his head slowly, but Ricky could see that the storm was abating now. Finally, Rocky sat up and faced his little brother, wiping the tears from his face with his sleeve, a smile still plastered on his face.
“Oh, Ricky,” he said with a tender look on his face, “you’re such a sweet little brother.”
A look of resentment appeared briefly on Ricky’s face. He never liked to be reminded of the ten minutes difference in their ages, but it quickly faded as he took in the expression of love on Rocko’s face.
“I love you so much, bro,” continued Rocko, “we shouldn’t need to fight about this trivial stuff.”

I’d like to give credits and thanks to Fandango, Sadje, Evelyn, Blue, Ikwords, and Robert  for writing this wonderful story!! And thank you all for reading. I really hope you enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward to another story written by you on Monday!! 

16 thoughts on “A story written by you part 3

  1. Let’s just appreciate Robert first for giving his time and writing that last part all on his own.
    (And not to mention, everyone else also, y’all did so well!👏✨ )
    Wow Robert,
    Then you ask me how am I talented?

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    1. Ebar,
      When Maria said ‘Then you ask me how am I talented?’ she was referring to a conversation we (Maria and I) had where she suggested that I had a modest talent for writing and where I expressed my doubts. She is saying here that the way I wrote the last part of the story (and, by the I left it incomplete) was evidence of my talent as a writer. I hope that helps?

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