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Writing prompt #1

Hi guys! I’ve decided to do writing prompts for you every once in a while. So today’s prompt is….

Describe your favourite place using all five senses.

If you decide to write it, please ping it back here in the comments section so I can see it😊. I’ll also be writing an something about this myself tomorrow!

✨Have an amazing day/ peaceful night wherever you are!✨

***Note: I got the image off Pinterest, so credits to the photographer (I don’t know who they are)


15 thoughts on “Writing prompt #1

  1. My favorite place is my backyard at home on a clear spring day. I can see flowers, trees, grass, the rock walkway, and the blue sky. I can hear hummingbirds sampling my lilac bush. I can smell the lilacs and the roses. I can feel the warm sand under my bare feet, and I can taste the fresh brewed iced tea that I am drinking. A good sensory image for such a cold winter day!

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  2. I think the best place for me is beneath a tree on summer days! 🌞

    Because of the shade, I can feel the cool wind on my skin while reading my favorite book with orange juice,
    For more better summer vibes!

    There, I could hear birds chirping melodies on the spray above me. Smelling the refreshing scent of wet soil, which makes me more happy.
    And also, giving time to observe nature’s beauty.

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  3. My favourite place is actually my town library. I like the books there. The smell of old and new books fascinates me. I like to hear the way the book pages will rustle when my fingers move them tenderly. I like how books small and big sit on every corner I look. I like the quietness too, that I get only at a library. A visit to my town library is always mesmerising.

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