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Challenge Week 5

I’ve decided to host a nice weekly challenge that’ll get your creative side of the brain going! All you have to do is to comment your opinion on the picture either in a separate post on your blog (and link it back here) or in the comments section below. The winner gets a mention in my next post and an award certificate! I hope you like it.

Please share this post because I’d love to get as many opinions as possible 😊

Now for the picture:

Good luck to all

19 thoughts on “Challenge Week 5

  1. Something that happens veryyyy often…
    As a Muslim girl I know what this means…
    Many Muslim businesman will build masaajid and madrasahs give to those in Palestine and Afghanistan…
    But that beggar outside the grocery store..
    The one that can give you no picture in a magazine is left aside…

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  2. It’s hard to be grateful when you know a person was only kind to you for their own benefit. Also, with enough power you can seem godly no matter what you do—this person gave four coins and will probably be showered in praise.

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  3. You can look at it both from the positive and negative point of views. I tried to look at the positive side :
    Yes! he made someone not go hungry that day. But more than that, if the person posted it on his social media giving awareness and informing more masses that there is a man in need of our help and he cannot do it alone. Someone who can potentially help the man might actually reach out and change the old man’s life. I called it the powerful impact you can bring if u use internet wisely.

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    1. Ah wait a sec-
      Typing mistake sorry, take this one:
      Do a good deed but never do it for the purpose of posting it to social media, instead do it for your own peace, and for the happiness of the one you are doing the good deed to.

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