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Challenge: Week 4!!

I’ve decided to host a nice weekly challenge that’ll get your creative side of the brain going! All you have to do is to comment your opinion on the picture either in a separate post on your blog (and link it back here) or in the comments section below. The winner gets a mention in my next post! I hope you like it.

Please share this post because I’d love to get as many opinions as possible😊

Now for the picture:

I thought this picture is kinda tricky… But I’m sure that you will definitely be able to tell me what it means!

I can’t wait to see your answers😃!Good luck

30 thoughts on “Challenge: Week 4!!

  1. I think it means

    ‘You are how you see yourself!’
    I mean if you look in a mirror and say….
    I look ugly and I’m plain… My nose Is big.
    My eyes are weird..
    We will feel that way and do everything to convince ourselves and all the people around us of the same….
    If you look In a mirror And say…
    I am beautiful
    I am an amazing person
    I love this… About myself
    Basically having self love
    We will do everything to convince ourselves and people around us that we are beautiful….. ❤️

    Idk ebar but we shall seee!!! 🥳

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  2. Good picture choice. I think it means that when the pawn looks into the mirror, it sees itself as a king. It is ambitious and confident, two decent qualities. However, it is also oblivious to its flaws. And when it looks in the mirror, the background is blurry—all it sees or cares about is itself.

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  3. One may always see himself/herself as more powerful than anyone, and can’t accept it’s own small worth in this World.
    (like the pawn is seeing itself as a king here; in chess game, pawn does not posses much power than king or queen)

    Idk Ebar, but it seems to me like this only…
    It’s up to you now!(~ – _ – ) ~

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  4. Hey, hey – I managed to get here on time for the challenge – yay!! 😃
    About the picture: well, it’s obviously a king in an alternate dimension musing about what might have happened had he taken the wrong choices in life. To end up as a prawn when you could have been a king is the height of madness. We should all think of our choices as we make them to ensure that we don’t go down the dark garden path to ruin and disheveled hair, right? 🤓

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    1. Well I mentioned in my last post that the winner’s blog will get a mention in the announcement post soo…. Yeah😅🙃
      Ooh I just got an idea!! I could make a certificate thing for the winner besides a mention. What do you think?


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